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Following The Foot Steps Of Casabianca
RH (21.04.1962 / Tiruchirapalli-Tamilnadu-India)

Following The Foot Steps Of Casabianca

Poem By rajagopal haran

His fate in his father’s words
Louis de Casabianca dead long ago
Flames lavished on the heroic blood
Father and son perishing in the ship!

Felicia Dorothea Hemans’ lines
Heard by me a thoudsand times
To follow dad verbatim
To stay put in the place you designated!

From the day we started
Doing the partnership in a long span
Did I faulter once in your life time dad?
Your clarion call held the trigger!

Now you are gone dad making me wait
Flames of life all around me roar
How many times have I called upon?
When can I leave my position dad?

Did ever I mean disobedience?
Not even when discretion not my fort
Nor when no shackles binding me
I am the follower of Casabianca’s heroic lad!

Is my life the Battle of Nile Dad?
Me floating on a ballistic ship
With loads of issues
Scorching me down to ashes for sure!

Can I desert my ship dad?
Lots of cares left for me
Must I stay Oh my commander dad?
I am your Giocante, speak Father!

(this is in remembrance of my Father who used to tell this story of Casabianca from our childhood; especially when we went for monthly grocery purchase I used to go from school and Dad used to join from his office; If I was not found at the spot prescribed by him he would tell this story first thing after locating me with an instruction that I should stay at the specified place like Giocante)

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Comments (4)

Your titles are very original. Your father sounds like a very vivid, memorable person. Fascinating write. Warm regards, Sandra
Splendid piece.... wonderful. Thanks for sharing in the end
this poem reminds me my childhood too...of hearing stories...that had morals....i am simply awestruck sir.....but at times i feel every life is a battle...and every worthy son a casabianca.....and every father wants his son to obey him till he is alive to command but at the same time i feel every father expects his son to take his commanding position once he's left the world.....and take the charge to lead the battle, to win and to complete his unfulfilled task....when i was a child i always thought young Casabianca should have understood these unsaid commands of his father ......for the world needs such determined souls to lead not follow.
you bring bac so many memories of childhood, being instructed, and adviced.........bt sure parents are blessings, that we humans need in any and evry age of our life........butiful poem, a lovely tribute indeed......... regards ghazala