TT (Jan 14,1983 / Vancouver, WA)

Following The Wrinkles Of My Smile

Following the Wrinkles of My Smile

It’s not me you fell in love to
It's the wrinkles that consume my eyes
When I smile beneath the twilight
They steal all your time
They lie and say everything will be fine

And the indentations you pushed and called dimples
Steal every hair of your head as it whips through the wind
Every time you snap back to me
Oh I wish I could push you away like a hot wheel car
Get you dirty in the sand and bend your tires
Fall in love and call you my favorite because
You’re the dirtiest coolest looking one I have
I’ll set you on the highest shelf
Above the poison I drink before I sleep

I’ll look to you every morning fixing my collar
To go through the cold of our souls
Finding a way to fix myself
Because it’s the only bridge you will cross
So I can bend your tires right so you roll straight again
I’ll bury the sand with pavement and my perfect brown eyes
You tripped over at the start
And those old ways, I tore them all apart

My skin is consumed by your papered images
I can’t seem to peek anymore
Especially to that one of us on the shore
I’m pondering of every pore
The lines that connect your face and the way they do
I just can't see it any other way
I would like to spend some more time on you
And hopefully the nights cold and all your stars and my truths
Will make you see
What everyone else sees every time your eye awaken
Two tiny stars with power to heal scars

My walls tell me it’s all a test so ripped them down
I’m still counting the time in between you and I
And the stinging words we said toward the end but
I can’t be so selfish
You have every key to every lock I could ever perceive
And my ropes won't tie
That square not we tied was just a lie
Dare me to smile again with the wrinkles holding my eyes
Or are you scared to be held closer and tighter
Everything that is held to the dirt will fall in love with you
Because you’re a black hole for suckers and their sweet words
And Words
They never seemed so right tonight

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