Following Those Hollow

And those who say they knew him,
Did not know him from within.
They knew of his accomplishments...
And some with him embellished them.
While others were contented,
To show how much of him they resented.

He would listen with a sensitivity...
From depths unexplained,
Or could tell what they meant!
From a divine philosophy sent.
And when he passed away from them,
His life seemed to have more purpose 'then'.
Since he was validated for not wasting his wishes...
Instead of dismissing 'gifts' tormenting him to fits!

Unlike those who sat...
To gather in chats,
About what he had accomplished...
Despite their unwarranted jealous attacks!
And what he left behind were discovered facts.
Leaving them shocked and amazed,
He had spent his days...
Protecting their backs!
While they made efforts to stop him in his tracks.

Leaving them stunned and in a daze...
To discover he was the martyred one,
And they scrambled in a maze quite crazed!

They say!
As thick as thieves,
They say!
And these,
They say...
Will never betray!
They say!
As long as they...
See themselves,
Following those hollow!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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