Fondled Dissed Mistress

Called from any distance.
On alert to be prepared.
To pleasure without suspense,
A meeting of needs to feed decadence.
This 'side piece' treated much differently,
Than a mate one vowed to not deceive.

The fondled dissed mistress used.
But not for her wit.
Or presence of expressed intelligence.
Not in these secret meeting trysts.
This is an arrangement for an exchange,
Of familiar deeds.

No 'trick' or a one night stand is she.
Nor thought of as a 'whore' exploring,
Imagined stable possibilities.
She's gifted too lavishly,
To make such requests.
Doing what she does to do,
She does it better with no protest.
Sighs she hears to know them heard,
Come not from objection.
A perfectionist is this mistress.

She holds and controls the upper hand.
And agrees to demands upon command.
Satisfying urges as if to anticipate them.
With a doing to encourage,
A hefty stack of cash that is left...
On her bedside nightstand.
Wrapped with a note of 'Thanks...Again! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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