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Font Color='000000'Blind Eyes Of The Light And The All Seeing Eyes Of The Dark

the eyes of the light are so blind
blind to reality
blind to the truth
the eyes of darkness see it all
they see the pain
the anger
the depression
the hate
they see the stories of other dark eyes
the stories that the eyes of light could never imagine
these stories are reality to the eyes of the dark
they live these stories everyday
the eyes of the light are stuck in an ignorance bliss
the eyes of the dark suffer
for they see it all
they see everything
and miss nothing
the eyes of the light
see nothing
and miss everything
they are so blind
blind to so much

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Strong, smart and absolutely right! Love this poem.
hmm...so true...i like ur writing
U. U., You got up on you own hind legs, and told those losers to back off, ... I hope, and you were mean enough to mean it, 'cause you're the only one that runs you ! - - - make it plain to them as you do it for yourself! B.V.A.
Amazing poem good job
I like this one alot. I really like the title to. You know, this poem reminds me alot of some pieces a friend of mine writes. And thats definitly a good thing. She's going to be a famous poet one day. Anyway, good job. Its very real and well written.
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