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Font Color=' 000000' Silent To The World

she sits in the corner
holding herself
trying to feel that thing others call comfort
she has but her own two shoulders to cry on
her own ears to listen to her cries

shes cried and screamed so much
she no longer has a voice
but the battle goes on within her head
it rages on

no one can see her tears now
for her eyes have now run dry
so there she now sits
in her corner

no tears to be seen by any
not that anyone would look
no cries to be heard by any
not that anyone is listening

she is silent to the world
as she sits in her corner
seeking a thing known as comfort

she rest her head upon one of her shoulders
she holds herself tight
there she stays
silent to the world

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you invariably rediscover yourself in solitude, wonderfully written.
Silently narrated the loneliness of a lady in poetic diction.........
Cool I like it waiting for your new
A very good poem. I read it because of Doc's into poem. I am not a queen of pain, although no stranger to it at all. I wonder how would you feel if you were my age? ? ? ? Try my poem FAULT LINES, and see if we resonate. Val
i like this poem sometimes i feel like i care for myslf too
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