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Font Color='000000' The Story Of Her End Pt 1

to her it is just another night
another sleepless night
another break down

she lays on her floor
as she claws at the door

why can't she be free
free from this house
free from this pain and depression
free from these thoughts that eat her from within
free from herself

she sobs and rolls over on the floor
moving away from the door
she sees a bottle beside her closet door

she moves to it
holds it as if someone would actually care enough to pry it away
she twist off the lid
and takes a quick swig
mouth full after mouth full
she swallows
deeper in to the pain filled hallow she falls

she says aloud
it is better than my other friend
hidden beneath my bed
at least no blood tears shall be shed

bottle after bottle
she tries to drink away the pain
she has done this before
the feelings get worse
but then she turns numb

before she would stop after a drink or two
but not tonight
she wants to skip the fright
and dive right into the darkness of the night
so there she sits
drink after drink
she swallows

her plan failed
it did not skip the fright
it doubled the fright

she fought with herself
if I make it through this I will forever stay in the darkness
the calm and empty darkness
she sat there and fought
the urge to reach for her friend the knife
no she said
I want the darkness of the night

she picked up her note book
and once again started to write
trying to release the fright
instead she wrote as if she would not last the night

she cried all I want is to be numb
why isn’t the pain going away
drink after drink

it should have been gone long ago
why is it here still
why won't it let her be
just let her go to the darkness
just let her be unconscious for a bit
just so she can get some rest

she will wake in the morn
and the pain will be gone
or so she hopes
she cried to herself
please if i am to awaken and the pain return
do not let me live to see the next sunlight

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Comments (3)

Pain leads to strenght.Can you feel it. Sad and deeply moving. Best wishes suzan
sad, that shes suffereing, even with the help of alcohal. thats serious, she shud get it check out.....
maybe if she did not write in red, things would be different, as colors can be quite successful in opening the gifts of life