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Font Color='000000'The Yell Before Death Behind The Veil

she is just the one the world ignores
she is just someone to hate
someone to blame when things goes wrong
why is everything crashing down
her life is so insane
it has left her hating this life that she lives
she cries to herself
do I really wanna die
she knows she doesn’t want to life
why is she so sad
why is her life so bad
that is all those around her ask
for none of them see her pain
they see her tears and do not understand why she sheds them
she doesn’t know what to do
all she wants to do is
shout the frustration out
shout the pain out
shout until they actually notice her
she is crying and no longer knows why
she never wanted anything
why is everything crashing down
she cries
is everything falling apart
she cries
won; ’ the tears stop crashing down
she cries
does she feel so empty
so broken and beaten
she just wants something to fill the hole within
for there is nothing inside
she just wants something to end the tears and all the pain
something to kill her
something to die
something to help her say good bye
why is it
that iss the only way out she can see
she doesn’t really wanna die
but every time she tries to straighten her life out
it just gets worse
why can’t one thing go right for her
why can’t she see the light
the darkness has taken all her strength
her body slowly turning numb
overwhelmed with pain
dizzy and weak she lays there
no one to hold her
as her mind floors it into over drive
trying to find another way
too bad she’ll never find another way

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well written -midnightmaiden