DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Font Color='#880000'A Wink And Nod [petrarchan Sonnet]/Font

What word is pressed which to the most offends?
Uproots the swarms? Drives righteous rage to sting,
And casts the bud to waste before the spring,
So being none, no meaning apprehends?
Upon an audience whose values trend
In syllables no tongue nor mouth may bring,
Except to jingle as bald parrots sing,
In bite size speaking speaking speaking then.
And Speaking won't let out or risk to lose
That harmless innocence, to sing in Grace,
Together as one nation under God:
One world, one nation and one Evening News;
  The media will wear its Owner's face -
  The truth is free but for a wink and nod...

-January 5,2006

by David Zvekic

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