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What trespasses before all breathing slows
Beneath dense canopies of pillowed sighs,
So fending wearied dreams from days' long woes,
Enshrouded visions haunt these half-closed eyes.
While silent symbols slip the murm'ring veil,
Of matters long ago suppressed and sure,
To carry on as moonlit pleas fall still,
The same soft cries; each breath as breaths before.
When shadows have ensorcelled these desires,
In doubts the earth should fly about hearts end,
And bring to muse oppressed, the strangest fires,
For her I never hoped I'd dream again:
  To lie awake and dreamless, but for you,
  What dreaming eyes have seen was always true...

-February 7,2006

by David Zvekic

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Amazing............... This is the work of a talented poet. Your words are awesome and i like this poem so much. keep on the good work