DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Font Color='#880000'For Who Was Here [shakespearean Sonnet] /Font

The Land's last dawn sees fading sun-rays droop,
That, tentative, once warmed its frozen floor
With quick'ning germ, this life's primordial soup,
So little seems to slow the closing door;
What seeds we dashed, to dust the hopeful stars
And pull from chaos' rule the tensest strings,
Whose tembling ends might find vibrations, pure:
Of clearest tune - that two alone might sing.
The night rides chills, as cosmos bids day pass,
And photons cry to cross their lamps' negate,
Through distant dreams the future o'er the past-
A universe removes to singled state.
  Through empty hopes that spill with time's lost sand-
  For who was here, some love will never end.

-January 6,2006

by David Zvekic

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Chilling poem- loved many of the lines, from 'vibrations pure', to 'life's primordeal soup..'. Thanks- appreciated.