DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

All I Need Is

whenever the clock ticks my heart beats in your memories,
to see the splendid face of yours, searching heavens in them,
the glistening eyes of yours with majestic fragrance of desire,
takes me to a world i have never seen, my paradise in ecstacy,
just that blink of your eyes throws out all my worries and hypocracy,
confused and seduced by those ever charming looks of yours,
i stand still in the passage of time, i am crazy,
the plumpy smile on your cheeks makes me rethink to live,
i count my minutes to be with you, one one one,
after i saw you i could not think anything but one, but you,
my maths has no formula to evaluate your beautiful face,
the pinkish lips of yours remind me of childhood candies,
a fantastic mouth whose words sing me to the hand of eternity,
every syllable reminds me of the lapse of time i never wanted to see,
a smile of yours is worth a thousand carats of gold for me,
the gentle touch of your hands feed me tons of energy,
which i lose instantly when i miss you,
i dont think it is ever possible for any guy on this universe,
to see the inner beaty and self of yours in disguise,
if i say i am in love with you, i will be prosecuted,
by the hearts of men, and the demands of the world,
but all this only reminds me to look at my painting of yours,
as days may come, needs may slam,
desires may crop, nations may fall,
if you just try to comprehend everything,
all i ever need is you..............
come back, my arms are streched wide to take you in...........


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Comments (2)

I like it. You successfully broke the rigid rhyming mold of repetitions of 1rst and 3rd line but keeping the aba aba going all the while keeping a pretty tight syllable count. On the whole it makes for a pleasant read with a good rythm. Good job! Amicalement votre, R.
I liked this. The refrain gave it an anthemic quality. It would be interesting to hear spoken out load.