DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

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To find what bides beneath familial love,
When cloth is washed of wealth and landed gilding,
That listed unbequeathed if blood unproved,
Familial blooded bonds soon dry unyielding.
Through thicker ink is blood with no great doubt,
As writ within the marks that bind the strongest,
Such terms in water bleed and soon give out,
Though bloodless bonds did erstwhile live the longest.
Except to venture forth, as sea tides lave,
The oceans' probing hands fear come ashore,
But bidden by the wind and stormy wave,
May high and then depart the land no more.
  What love is most familial bred and pure?
  True love, unbreded, is familial more.

-January 6,2006

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