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DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

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I'll spend however much I must, I swear.
  I'll seize the dawn and catch a falling sun
  Though time should flee so fast that dreams beg more:
  And washed of hope, her sands should offer none.
  Dark seas have quelled my heart's tormented roar;
  My dreams swept off like shells tides bore away
  On currents bound for seas not swam before,
  Where barren shores lay dead for want of day.
  The frost may try outlive my heart's last plight,
  That warmth should scoff a hearth where fuel won't burn,
  But held in cold indifference through the night,
  Some stars will sparkle though the Earth won't turn.

    Hopes spent, I'll feed my flames with hot despair,
    And burn whatever else I must, I swear!

-September 17,2005

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you are every bit: The Poet...You can take words and put them magically in place, and come up with nothing short of elequent verse, time and time again! Theodora Onken