Leave The Place

What can be the consequence?
If you are given no chance
When one beats his own drum
And another dances and keeps mum

Such is form of obedience
When one is eager to have audience
To take advantage of weak person
For whatever may be the reasons

People go for any compromise
Even forget the cause and breach the promises
This is modern trend and assertion
Where little is cared for the relation

This is exactly what transpires
When two find same empire
Where no resistance is tolerated
Self prophecy is on fore and equated

Poetry is given secondary importance
It becomes just show and little farce too
Owner thinks he is master
Then who cares for readers?

Whatever the case may be
The body is infected and not free
The disease has spread
Mind has become inactive and is already dead

See if you can find free environment
Where your poetical thoughts can make movement
Leave the place if that has become cage
This is the right time with crucial phase

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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