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DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

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Democracy has nothing left to do,
From high in soaring towers of plate glass,
Concealed by rebar steel and concrete block,
Secured aloft in fortresses of finance;
And looming silently, so to strike awe
In all the beating hearts of passersby,
Of workers and pedestrians who fear,
And citizens who cower under pyres;
And so to thank, just who it is up there,
That scrapes the skies of dark financial Gods,
Just who it is that shakes the hand that beats us,
Democracy has nothing left to do:
But bear the stick and carrot overhead,
And cheer who gets to eat, or turn up dead...

-January,9 2006

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strangely grey yet truely apt. deconstructive construction represented as democracy. i like it, really i do
Nice one. Not the stuff I'm used to from you but very effective wordplay nonetheless. Amicalement votre R.
Nice one, David. Good music.