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Font Color=bluei Was But A Wee Angel

I was a wee little angel when you first saw me
when you first robbed me of my innocence
you broken my little wings
left me unable to fly
you left me just wishing to die
I always wondered why
trapped within that never ending pain
you made life hell on earth
no longer could I fly to safety
monster after monster attacked
slowly they ripped my wings away
they saw I was but a wee angel that could not fly
no way of escape
I became the easiest pray
each attack haunts me to this very day
forever and ever i shall have to pay
from what you did on the horrid frist day
when you saw me
when you decided it would be fun
to break my wings
leaving me to a pain filled existence
so now I wonder battered and broken
but a wee angel without her wings
her halo long ago bent

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wow thats soo sad, if i had any advice, its that 'red bull, gives you wings! ' (haha...trying to brighten the moment)