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Font Color=red The Hallway Of Hell

Sitting in the corner
in the hallway of hell
afraid of the door

Terrified to move her
gaze up from the floor
there is no light
not in this hallway
of which I speak

Only light I see sneaks
out from beneath
that door

Oh god she squeezes
her self tight
trying to release
such fright

Oh god she hates
these nights
door creeks open

Her heart beat
triples form such
lungs tighten
gaze moves up

Blinded by the light
she squints at monster
hidden within the light

Different one from
the time before
foever they are all
the same
never giving her
a chance
she never gets
a fair fight

Again she screams
as the door closes
behind him
Tears Flowing unnceasinly
from such eyes

Please let this
be the last time

Monster he walks
closer and closer
he sees her squirm

Laughter raises
in his voice as
he bends down

So they can see eye to eye
‘time to play baby doll’
forever those words haunt
terrify her mind

Gabbing Her by the hair
then grabs her dress as it already starts to tare
he drags he down the hall
into the darkness filled with fright

slams her through the second door
tossing her upon the floor

he doesn’t even turn to shut the door
instead he stays all eyes fixed on her
watching her
basking in her fear

she crawls to the corner
evil grin grows upon his monstrous face
he loves it when she tries to fight

his eyes turn blank
rage springs forth as he steps further away from the door
she begs
she screams
but it only makes him enjoy it more and more

‘Play time baby doll’
he tares her from the floor
drags her to that horrid bed
like too many times before

tosses her down
without a care
he enjoys the thud form the head bored
as her head smashes against it

clothing shredded
blood shed
skin bruised
that little girl used and abused
as time and time before

the stories of what went on in that bed best forever left unsaid
once the monster was finished
she was tossed to the floor
as so many nights before

only to return to the hallway
to sit in the corner shuddering in fear for the next monster to appear

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The pain of such nights would give me more then the frights good write a 10 from me.