I’ve seen heart ache,
and I’ve seen pain.
I’ve seen love lost
never to be regained.
I write some poems,
to let you know.
This life lies between,
the rain above and fire below.
And through all that
the music of the poem flows.
Seasons come
and seasons go.
And dropp by drop
our understanding grows.
And when the crop of life
is ready, full, complete.
And the growing season
has reached a close.
The crop is harvested and
the finest parts put on display,
for your consumption day by day.
And when the tree is old
and has no more power
to give its fruits,
Its trunk and branches fall
returning to the ground
from whence they came.
To feed you all in another way,
through another crop, another day.
Its strange to find that I
am really growing day by day,
to feed you all until I meet,
the earth that’s always been
beneath my feet.

by David Taylor

Comments (5)

Nice poem David...I can identify with that tree losing it's branches right now... Hugs, Dee
I really like this one David. Certainly 'food for thought'. A great poem. HG: -) xx
Makes you think and thats good- i like it alot
And as I take my fill.. I praise you for the fine work... Alison
...for thought. The analogy is perfectly pursued through this fine piece. Grand work. t x