Food And Stuff

Have you heard?
It’s hallal to use!
Haram to buy!
As you buy fruit and veg. today.
Oh that looks good all covered in pesticide.
It’s nice and cheep.
Do you know who picked it?
Yes it was your brother or sister.
The one with no wage.
Can’t send there children to school.
Can’t even afford to see a doctor.
So you might say it’s hallal to eat.
But do you really want to eat that pesticide and
With every bight know that others are suffering.
What about that cereal!
The one that tastes oh so nice.
Yes the one that’s tested on animals.
Do you really want to eat it?
Knowing with every bight an animal is suffering.
What about those eggs the ones at half the price?
Hens stuffed in cages being mistreated all the time.
There not allowed to run free.
The way it’s meant to be.
What about those trainers you like made from the baby kangaroo?
Do you know who made them for you?
Children on low wage.
Working day and night.
Trying to survive.
Maybe loosing a finger or two.
Just to make you a shoe.
As you spend a fortune for a label named after that dead kangaroo.
Why don’t you stop and think what’s best to do.
In a way so that Allah will reward you.

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