Food Fads

Can you imaging what life was like
In the days before fast food and curry and rice
It was nice
I remember the time when we lived without wine
And battery reared chickens were new

Although life was hard we fried with dripping and lard
And skimmed milk and low fat were barred
We ate only 'Best Butter', did I hear a low mutter
Because if you didn't you were classed as a nutter
It was nice

Cholesterol aside, I still have mine fried
And bread with lashing of butter
Fat on my meat and sugary sweets
So now I am classed as a nutter
It's nice

by Beulagh Bromley

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I love these time of nostalgic reminiscent works, when the writer look back to an age with fondness of the things they miss. It also helps that there's humor to, and its about fried chicken, Id like to be a nutter too