Food For Thought

Now here’s a thought for poets fraught
and trying to make a living,
from penning verse of many kinds
and lending us their worthy minds,
in realms diverse and many.

Some will keep to what’s held deep,
and only seek to reach our heart,
with kind, insightful, mystic art,
to sooth the soul and light the dark.
Or raise us up when life is blue,
or when were sick and off our food.

But if they would be well fed
they might resort to current news,
or stories with a twist of fate,
to mischief verse, or some debate,
on HIV or “the sovereign state”.
To give us all some food for thought
and goad you all to comment
'that poet has a clever mind,
you'd think he could write a sonnet'
So feed them well, or go to hell!

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

David, it is obvious to me that you write poetry, I don't know what the hell I write but it doesn't compare.
You obviously know that of which you speak...'twas food for thought surely! Hugs, Dee