Food For Thought

I can not forget,
Intentions meant...
To prevent my dreams and wishes.
No I can't.
And wont forget...
Discouragement encountered.
And from who made attempts,
To stop my steps...
With their negative comments.

I can not forget,
Wanting to share...
My observations made.
And having them dismissed,
By those without dreams...
For them to get.

I can not forget,
Knocking on doors to have them closed.
I can not forget,
The ones who said what they had...
Was theirs and I should find,
My expectations too high.
And it would be best to keep mine low.

I can not forget,
Being left behind...
To remove my own obstacles.
I can not forget,
Wiping my tears from fears to go.
I can not forget,
When I stopped listening...
With risks to take and faith to keep.
I can not forget,
The wanting to succeed to believe I can.

I will never forget,
A doing to achieve...
With a using the tools and gifts God gave.
And to me.
To realize what I possessed to fulfill my needs,
Were always there to create...
My own opportunities.

'I heard from you,
What it is you can do to offer.
But what do you bring exclusively,
To add to this crowded table?
Besides 'your' appetite.
Hmmm? '

Food for thought.
And none of that do I see.
Or hear it with it to appear to feed.

Pull up a chair.
Let us share some of it.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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