Food, Fun And Games

It should not take multiple decades.
For a people to awaken,
From self indulging their lives away.
On periods of time spent,
Sitting with wishes to receive benefits.
And believing them to be sent.
While accepting to identify,
How their lives lived to fantasize...
Being suppressed, oppressed and disenfranchised,
Qualifies them to disregard...
Their own needs to be pleased.
When this is dismissed as a priority.

Seeing the World as it is.
And not what it could or should be.
Takes denial to erase.
With reality to face.
Requiring discipline, determination.
And ongoing sacrifices made.
To know everyday,
Life to live and staying prepared...
Is not all about food.
Fun and games to play.

Criticizing the 'master'.
Yet demanding what the master has.
To portray and imitate.
Many today still charade.
With addicted visions,
Of what a plantation offers.
And endorsing stereotype images.
In the hopes that the doing of this,
Remains to please and receives empathy...
From the very ones,
Enforcing such antiquated beliefs.
Knowing them to be followed,
By those who claim they seek a freedom.
But choose it done,
Connected to a leash.
And memories repeatedly reminded,
Of an enslavement they find...
In their minds impossible to leave.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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