Food (The Right Food At Wrong Place)

Yesterday I was waiting at a table,
in a grand 5 star hotel.
The diners were 10 in number,
sitting around together,
coz they were friends and business partners.

All were big, fat and had overweight,
and they were also big shot and heavy-weight.
In their fields,
where a big power would they wield.

Then the 10 dishes course began,
by rolling out from the kitchen,
by the world-famous chef,
who cooked the best.
Big chunks, small pieces, thick cut and thin slices
of meat cooked medium or well-done with spice.
Crab, prawns and fish,
stewed so tasteful and exotic.
The whisky was 1930 vintage,
so old...older than my grandpa's age.

Mr Fat complained he couldn't eat,
coz he had diabetes.
His blood sugar was so high,
that he could barely smile.
Mr Fatter whined that he couldn't eat much,
coz his blood pressure shot up,
his blood vessel did almost burst.
Mr Fattest grunted that he had to stop,
eating food with too much salt,
so that to give rocketing blood pressure a halt.

Mr Big lamented that he had to get rid
of the greasy lipid,
to put Cholesterol,
under well control.
Mr Bigger said sadly that he couldn't eat,
the food cooked with meat.
Otherwise he would have to cry out,
in painful agony of arthritic gout,
which came bout after bout.
Mr Biggest said sorrowfully he must eat less,
to reduce the fat,
so as to relieve the bad effect,
on his painful O.A (osteoarthritis) knee
due to body weight..too heavy.

Mr Plump groaned with a heave,
that he had heart disease,
which when attacked would cause a sudden death,
with a severe pain in the chest,
so he must avoid eating fatty food,
he was advised eating vegetable and fresh fruit.
Mr Plumper moaned he had just recovered from minor stroke,
his doctor limited him an egg a day without yolk,
restriction of skimmed,
so that his body slim.
If not, his brain artery would get clogged,
like the sewage drain totally blocked.
The body would have weakness with a flop,
if severe, to death he would drop.
Mr Plumpest said weakly he was on a strict diet,
due to peptic ulcer of the stress,
aggravated by the pressure and strain,
causing the unbearable burning stomach pain.

Mr puffy bloated overweighted one said,
in a bad.,
he had problem of liver,
if he wanted to live longer,
he must stay away from strong beverage,
which would shorten his age.

They talked and talked, argued and argued,
their droplets of saliva, in the air, floated and flew.
The food was getting cold and left barely touched,
then they took their medicine, and with water, down they gulped.

The right food was at the wrong place,
becoming a lot of waste.
The 3000 US dollars of bill maybe a poor man's annual wage,
or maybe it can save,
a hundred children of poor privilege.

by U Win Kyi

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It's too bad delicious food can so often be bad for us. Portion size can make a difference, however, in most cases and we not do have to do without. Your poem is way too true! Marilyn