Fool They May Do

Nobody does to another.
To not know why.
Nobody does this,
Repeatedly done using alibis.
Then make excuses,
To deny with tears cried.

Fool they may do.
Others to believe.
They were victimized unexpectedly.
By another heated with an attitude.
And fool they may choose,
Others to have believe...
They just sat quietly.
While being verbally attacked.
By someone they did not provoke.
To condone a doing of that.

Nobody does what they do,
To not know why.
But rely they do to fool,
Others who will believe...
One who cries as if an angel.
Will never spew venom with a tongue.
Done as if familiar,
With licking from the bottom...
Of any garbage can!
And not to just one to have done.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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