Fool To Consider Me Beautiful

Surely you've seen the wreckage beauty brings?
Is it your youth you see in the waves
of my hair, so readily sheared in the heat
of summer - or anger - fleeting only to leave
you with brittle ghosts of gray? Is it my soul
you imagine born of angels, while fumbling
for my devils in the dark?

Beauty is treacherous business;
waters too shallow for diving unprotected.
Far better for us both if you see me
as average. Homely, even.
Allow my better qualities a shot at the podium.
So guard your expectations
and I'll mind my manners,
and we may just make it to breakfast.

(inspired by Billy Collins' 'Nightclub')

by Lori Boulard

Comments (3)

Yeah but.................. What about beautiful........... Poetry? What then? Roger.
Wonderful read Lori, a marvellous write and so enjoyable to view. Just lovely. Love Ernestine XXX
Keep your expectations low & your hopes high – i’ve had it the other way around so far – that’s what gets you into trouble; it's not so much the beauty – tho, that can serve as a deafening accomplice. very well-written, passionate piece, Lori.