Fool Watchers

Listen up.
Your assignments have arrived.
And let me just say this,
To prevent needless arguments.
Unnecessary they are.
Regard each duty as a priority.
To know all of them collectively,
Will hopefully put an end...
To all of our issues,
We have been attempting to identify...
Throughout the community.

The ones distributed,
Pan handler outfits.
Raise your hands.
Your assignment...
If you decide this mission is possible.
Will be...
And please,
Try not to gloat or boast about it.
It has been determined,
You will be our 'Fool Watchers'.

"Why do they get,
The easy assignments? "

Those we have asked to dress to impress.
Your assignment,
May be the most difficult.
You will be attending every social event,
Coming up in the next two weeks.
Do your best to find at least one person,
You believe can be saved,
From hypocrisy and self deception.
If at all possible,
May still have a reason for us to keep...
All of our hopes alive.

I have nothing more to say.
The last social event I attended...
I couldn't breathe.
The pretense?
I became smothered by it."

Like I said,
These assignments...
Must be regarded with extreme importance.
We have no other option,
But to succeed.
And find some way,
To save our failing community.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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