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Fooled Me Twice
JC (07/04/1989 / )

Fooled Me Twice

Poem By J.D. Crockett

happiness is gone
you took it away with you
now its to someone else
that I will always remain true

when you went away
you took away my soul
now that you left
in my heart there is a hole

for the first time ever
I cried for other than pain
first time you hurt me
it ended in the rain

second time you hurt me
you dragged it out with a lie
fool me once shame on me
now you've fooled me twice

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Sadly the writers immotions are crushed by his loss, but this poem can be about moving forward instead of standing still hopelessly..For instance the writer in the fist verse sounds as if he will never submit himself to the rejection of the one who has been lost but has either some one all ready healing the heart or knows that their will be in the future. In the second verse this writer knows that the hole can be packed with compound and made even stronger as in a broken bone when one falls from a roof.Where that heart are bone heals it becomes stonger but one must be cautious because it makes one think that they are not subject to that same pain again as he writes in the last verse, but the wise will remember that you may break or tear more easily around the hardened heart or bone causing the surronding area to be weaker because it is simply is not a balanced strength.Nice work, a touching Poem