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Fooling Myself.
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

Fooling Myself.

Goodbye is a second chance to show I can be strong
I thought of you and dreamt for you to be the one
But I know now I am only have been fooling myself
You got to laugh and see that once again I was so wrong.
It’s ok and I will be fine, I would rather have you here
Not as my lover but my friend, the best friend you can be
To be my shoulder when I cry and talk and just to be near.
I need now to grow, to live and do what I ever need to do
I need to heal and need time for me to be the best I can be
So please don’t worry or panic just relax yourself around me
I can prove to you Just sometimes oh god yes sometimes
I find the world and my thoughts make me rather sad
I live in my own little world and sometimes I can be mad
But I am normal and want what others have, maybe I need to
See that I may not have that kind of life but one so different
Some place of love and sweet words of poetry and pictures
I have a passion that sometimes may frighten and scare some
But one day I hope to find that person who will be the same
And one day our world will entwine, full of love, become one

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