TAT (23/03/94 / Singapore)

Foolish Lovers

Maybe this is it,
the mark where all ends,
the fate of us sealed,
never to be seen again.

Waves wash at my feet,
but the hurt is still in lead,
laughter surrounds me,
but pain overwhemles like vitamin D.

Perhaps we were all too foolish,
perhaps this is not love,
perhaps a wrong road we stumbled,
perhaps lost were we along the way.

The Earth still rotates,
when you whispered that eternal goodbye,
but numbness escapes,
to fill the one that was left behind.

The first time you held me,
in your open arms,
the first moment your smile,
reached to warm my palms.

It was all too clear,
imprinted in my mind,
just like craved words,
that needs no help to find.

Everlasting times,
where we swored to never part,
now seems like limes,
that I don't want to touch.

Stars that shone above the lovers,
birds that flew across their shore,
flowers that bloom upon their promise,
will they all be there after all?

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