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Foolish Minstral
EEB (27/12/1947 / Rochdale Lancs U.K.)

Foolish Minstral

I wait in vain,
My excuse's to be seen.
The moon begins to wane,
Phase's of moods that might have been.

Darkness proceeds the daybreak,
When will the sunrays touch my face?
Blue sky’s take away the sadness and make's,
My life seem such a brighter place

To lie or cheat never made sense,
To this humble man of confused emotions.
Should I be good to seek recompense?
Or bad, awful and cause a commotion.

Fall on to troubled times again,
Go round in circles but never meet,
The two ends, that may refrain,
This wandering minstrel’s feet.

Stability, ridged, unbending rule,
Make man a dull and boring soul.
Laughter, smiling playing the fool,
Sounds better to me, That's my goal.

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