Foolish Restrictions

And spend the night with me.
Unleash those temptations.
And be freed of them.
Have we witnessed,
Enough of the passion and yearning?
It is time to get explicit.
It is time to let...
What naturally comes next.
A love expressed,
With the act of sex just between us.

And spend the night with me.
Let the flowing of our urges...
Complete that need.
Time has long passed,
Since I wanted just a piece of...
To grasp and call my own to grow!

And spend the night with me.
Now and tomorrow.
And beyond...
If that is our destiny!
You and I have too long known...
A togetherness our hearts have shown.

And let us remove,
Those foolish restrictions!
Those that keep us relating in limited conditions.
When we wish more than anything,
To lay in each other's arms.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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