Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

There's talk about an Avian Flu
a lot of hype yet not a clue
about the real chance it will
come with a vengeance here to kill.

Stock antivirals and vaccines
for elderly and junk-food teens.
Do not forget the politicians
we need them for the odd decisions.

There is a call to kill each chicken
and now the plot begins to thicken.
The virus has not yet matured
and yet some people have been cured.

Judicious use of modern drugs
eradicates those viral thugs.
Reality is soon ignored
but stocks and bonds have quickly soared.

Today, all means are justified
it matters little that they lied.
So if you need to know what's real
you'd best dismiss their foolish spiel.

The flu will come, and it will go
and all the world will surely know
that some have died as is the rule
and in your mirror yawns the fool.

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Comments (2)

I had thought about getting the shot...but I finally said the heck with it...if I should die then it was just my time to go......Good Write! ! !
Great poem Herbert! I've decided......there's only so much I can do so I'm not gonna worry anymore. Sincerely, Mary