My precious one, to me so dearest, I so my love guide toward you
No ways I find to break the mist from which I say these words so true;
And even though I may seem shallow and poor in treasures of the mind,
I came here now and did I follow this ray of light that helped when blind...
For while in darkness I have walked, the light was you to guide me here;
The blind was me for being lost but dare imagining you near
And face to face, after so long, I will do try to speak the word,
I will do all within my power to make you understand its worth
I have unbearably been bleeding for I am bounded all to you,
Neither my eyes to see another nor lips I had since I've lost you...
Foolsome of me, I did not pay enough attention when you taught,
Unschooled you said but I have learned, only the Lord knows I have fought
In this imprisonment I did have wash my face with my own tears,
I could not see my lover's figure for two long and so weighty years;
Wanting to walk, my feet denied me, my arms refused the right or left
But without you, what use were they for? It could as well've been a deep death.
If you'll refuse me not my queen, what you will give, I'll treasure more -
Ten thousand times more wealthy even, in how to worship and adore...
And fear me not for I am half of your own now, forever will be
And my devotion knows no boundaries between, oh, you my love and me.

by Harthman Carpio Munteanu

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