Foot Taping

Foot taping
Pen in hand
I wanna write
It seems I can't
Caffine Buzzzz
Radio chant
Sit home alone
Without my pants
Coffee pot
Coffee can
Another cup
My shakey hand
Song skip
A brand new band
Live performance
Screaming fans

My every thought
Has once been said
Grip inspiration
Tap my head
Another cup
It's all been said
It's all been said
It's all been said
Let's speed it up
It's all been said
Let's slow it down
It's all been said

Six words same meaning
Another word the same old stuff
Lets make a word
For not enough

It's all been said

by Stephen Martin II

Comments (2)

Oh I like Just stumbled upon this one (No pun intented) I have trouble writing sometime too Seems like the brain has a fart and I'm stuck Someone once told me that you write from the heart and you have to let it flow (Thanks David) That heart is racing to fast for the mind to keep up in this one :)
Haha, ohhh yeah......... I hear you only too well! Saw your reply to Graham Leese's post in forum. Hang in there; don't give up posting your poetry for lack of readership. Be sure to comment on others' poetry; some will return the favor and possibly come back for more. Consider replying with a short email when someone comments on yours; they may reply... a friendship may ensue. You never know.