(July 13,1991 / Indiana)


When the lights have dimmed
and the lines have faded
when the people go home
to all their related

When you sit in the stands
all alone in the night
as you observe the stillness
of the moon's light

A chill of satisfaction
tingles down your back
as you recall the memories
the place won't lack

You quietly tap you foot on the metal seat row
the silence is broken
your heart
beats slow

You almost hear them cheering
the roaring of the fans
although they are empty
they echo through the stands

You wrap your coat around your face
and peak out the top of your head, your eyes
you look up at the stars
with wonder and surprise

Your breath condences in the air
and makes a little cloud
memories slip back
and you feel proud

You walk down the bleachers to the entrance gate
you can hear it
and shake

With your hands in your pocket
you walk into the night
you can't wait till next week
when teamwork and football unite

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That`s the best time to sit in the stand when all the plonkers have left the field and gone home