Football And Poetry Have The Same Value To Different People.

Poem By Janice M Pickett

Nothing actually MAKES a poet

nor is one born that way
Emotions don't give you the skill to write
Poetry doesn’t make what you say

Life around us is made from patterns
Some of us feel it but thoughts run dry
If your family is filled with passion
why not give poetry a little try

Half the time we use the skills
of writing verse and we don’t know
Everything around us has a rhythm
music is one way we let it show

Poetry is something we choose to do
Like sport or games on the puter
A time for pleasure and enjoying ourselves
we have no need for a tutor

So let it fall from the heart within
and soon a poem you’ll find
written on a page once empty of words
coming from your mind

So what makes a poet is rhythm
Something we find to fill a desire
It doesn’t matter who you are
If writing can set you on fire

Some play with balls
Others swim and many drive fast cars
We each need something that we enjoy
Try it Bob…Write about stars

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Very well written Linda

5 out of 5
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