Football Fans

Of late little in our lives for to talk of at all
We can count ourselves lucky for to have football
For our after work get together in the local pub
For to talk of the fortunes of our favourite club

And discuss our team's chancesin the weekend game
Another win would bring themcloser to fame
This well may be their year for the Premiership flag
Would not this give us reason for to cheer and to brag

On Saturday our partners and wives at home watching t v
They do have their own favourite soapies to see
Whilst we cheer on our favourite team as they do play
It is each to their own as the wise one does say

A September flag win would be great for our self esteem
Without football to talk of we would be lost it does seem
Football to us a huge part of our lives
It gives us a break from the nagging of our partners and wives

Little of late for to talk of at all
Thanks be to goodness indeed for football
On Saturday the club colours we will proudly don
And go to the game for to cheer our team on.

by Francis Duggan

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well woven around 'each to their own'