In the journey of my life's ups and downs
You accompany me and guide me

by Meggie Gultiano Click to read full poem

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Nice images and thoughts. A beautiful song of appreciation and gratefulness.
I Like this creative & most eloquent spin on the well-known Anonymous penning, of ''Footprints In The Sand'', circa 1922. Many say Stevenson was the one & only author, tho' in actuality, there are 3 known early 20th century versions...two of which state original authorship claim, Stevenson being one of them... despite no concrete proof that either of these these 2 versions hold any merit as being the original write. Unfortunately, the 3rd version, and the only one(I.M.O.) that is most likely to be considered as the original ''Footprints In The Sand'' is the one labeled ''Anonymous''...leaving literary pundits, scribing theologians, and scores of interested Reader's, stonewalled...possibly forever. Beautiful Work, Meggie, as always can be expected, whenever you take pen to paper to posting! FjR
I feel the way you do and know that it would be a lonely and frightening journey without Him. Very well said. A '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
beautiful write as usual...shows the real you...full of love, full of faith..full of hopes... ...God helps us to survive.....very visible in your piece...God is not leaving us esp in times of trial and difficulties...thanks for sharing my friend...all your works are very wonderful....divinely written...guided by God's hand....You are absolutely an EARTH ANGEL....
: -) He whispered, 'My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you saw only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you.' - Hi Meggie, I love your poem cos I love those words (I keep that little book next to me always) 10/10
He is always there to guide us, lovely poem Meggie, 10 Lynda xx
Meggie, he wants us all to be happy and live life the best we can, that's his plan.. Andy 10