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Footprints In The Snow
DHD (1965- / Glens Falls New York)

Footprints In The Snow

As I walked alone one night
Beneath the moon's soft glow
I was thinking to myself
My heart was troubled so,

It was during the holidays
Christmas was coming soon
With no money and bills to pay
I wasn't sure what to do,

I didn't want anything for myself
But for my children and wife
I wanted a wonderful Christmas
They deserved at least that in life,

As I walked alone outside
I felt the bitter cold
But then I noticed something strange
A warmth had taken hold,

My worries seemed to disappear
But where did they go
Then I looked down on the ground
And saw footprints in the snow,

I heard God's voice whisper
On the winter breeze
Go home my son and take a look
Beneath your Christmas tree,

When I got home I was surprised
At what I did see
I saw many-many gifts
For my children-my wife-and me,

It seems as though the neighbors
Had heard of our plight
So they shared the Christmas spirit
With us this special night,

There was music and plenty of food
Plenty of joy around
Then everyone gathered by the window
To watch the fresh snowflakes come down,

Nobody seemed to notice
As they looked to and fro
The feint shallow traces
Of footprints in the snow.

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A beautiful story poem - very touching and heart warming as well..with an appropriate title