The Abyss

A dawn of crystal cuts the sky,
and the marbled moon
turns Eastwards away.
In your eyes thick silence
has come to dwell,
a chill concision
that reaches for our hands
and, step by silent step,
conducts us to the edge.
Everything there was
or might have been
has come to the abyss.
I hold you fast,
you cling to me;
we thirst here with the same thirst,
and the same pain beyond all cure
slowly fills us both.
I have learnt not to resist.
The sea and I
have now become
a single tear.

Translated by Robert Archer

by Carles Duarte i Montserrat

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Comments (2)

Sadashivan, such an inspiring poem...10+++
I strived to forge ahead, Through the hurdles, Painful thorn. people like you are always a guide for others to follow...... yes thorny ways that we all go through leads us to success.......... very fine.. tony