Footsteps In My Mind

After it came from the laurels of care
And went beyond into the dark night,
I hear footsteps roaring like the grating shore
When it approaches the land and again repeat.

The tremulous message with perfect recite
Details of rolling emotions have been forgiven
Waves that has been splash with fresh sprit
And return again in bright sheet of oblivion.

I hear footsteps in the images of my mind
Started to walk slowly on the worn foliage,
And looked forward into the spectrum of time
Stepping on raw terrain until I found courage

In fresh growth of opposites, life becomes more
Than the gold that I could have wish for
Stay hidden beneath the sand on the sea shore
And speaks about judgement in a metaphor.

Nothing good on earth can stay for very long
In homesickness and loneliness a dearth lingers
We can only walked on a beaten track for so long
And feel the sense of wrong as it surrenders.

And evoke the fires in guilt of strong emotions
That I should look into the mind of revelation,
And showed to many the paradox of reasons
For it is this purpose that I have been forgiven

by Gerry Legister

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