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Footsteps (Killing F(R) Iends On Paper)
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Footsteps (Killing F(R) Iends On Paper)

Poem By Carsten Thomsen

The sound of
in the gravel
behind you
makes you turn.
Your eyes widen
and your jaw drops
as does your
smoking cigarette.
You stare at me
for a second
or two.
You are not smiling
and though
your mouth moves
it speaks no words.
Gunshot breaks this silence
as your head explodes
in a cloud of red mist
and bone.
I smell gunpowder.
Look down
on your headless torso,
picks op stained
still smoking cigarette,
noticing for the first time
the shotgun in my hand.
My brain is numb.
sounds strange
and distant
as I call
the Cops.
I feel the wind
I see the sun
I taste metal
I hear the birds

...but not the
2nd gunshot

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wow. would not like to get on your bad side. i like this poem. liz