Sleeping Dog

His body lies at my feet, chest moving up and down quietly. Then his little legs start to move ever faster, chasing something he is after.
A little twitch here and there a muffled cry and a sigh. I wonder what he is dreaming of, is it the birds above or the squirrels that he loves. Thrown stick for him to retrieve that could be it I thought or maybe the hugs he received. Tail wags as he starts to quietly bark and growl, could be the mail man that he is stalking or the neighbor walking. I run my hand over his soft fur to quite him and his body relaxes, once again deep sleep overtakes him, His body slowly moves up and down with every breath he takes. I am thankful that he lies nearby his presence gives me comfort that is hard to deny. I run my hand over his fur and let it rest on his moving chest and tell him he is the best.

by John I Nash

Comments (27)

This is a terrible reading- -is this by a computer? ! Good God. It's better to have none.
A beautiful read each and every time.
The last stanza is a memorable one.
All my fears are laid aside, If I but remember only Such as these have lived and died! A lovely poem shared. Brilliant write.
beautifully expressed
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