For A Bully Is Always A Coward

A bully with the support of subordinate bullies is one who feels greatly empowered
But bullies on their own as we all know when stood up to often reduced to the status of coward
Just like the story of the school yard bully beaten by a smaller boy in a fight
He never again was a bully and of trouble he kept out of sight
It is true there are many sort of bullies and every bully lacks in empathy
And when bullies do get their comeuppance they never receive any sympathy
The general consensus is they got what they deserved what goes around comes around as they say
It is true enough that the bully will surely be humbled one day
All bullies are not of the male kind there are some female bullies as well
And all bullies they do derive pleasure on making life for the vulnerable hell
To be a bully not something to be proud of since bullies use their power in a wrong way
But what goes around always comes around as the one of wisdom did say
A bully with the support of subordinate bullies is one who does feel greatly empowered
But on their own bullies can be easily humbled for a bully is always a coward.

by Francis Duggan

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