Young Hearts

When we are young
and the trees are green
Summer's all around
sun is our deputy
and moon's a party company
oh, how invincible are we!

Charleston, South Carolina- US
March 21st,2006

by Ave Lilik

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A wonderful poem, I quote my fav lines: Till thou hast blest their memory, and paid Those thanks which God appointed the reward Of public virtue.
'Go, call thy sons: instruct them what a debt They owe their ancestors; and make them swear To pay it, by transmitting down entire Those sacred rights to which themselves were born.' - I subscribe to this clarion call. Thanks to poet Susan Williams for the explanation she has provided in her comment for our easy understanding.
Good poem..................Nice
'O stranger'! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
very good poem O stranger, stay thee, and the scene Around contemplate well.. thank u. tony
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