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For A Friend In Need
JLW (23rd July 1990 / Birmingham)

For A Friend In Need

Smile for me, even if you feel sad,
I hope this poem won’t make you feel bad,
The fight isn’t finished, it isn’t over yet,
Keep pushing on without any regret,

For you are special to someone who you don’t know,
And when that time comes there face will show,
If your feeling like you should just give up, go away,
You’re my friend and I want you to stay,

I know I don’t show it but I really do care,
And if you need me you know I will be there,
If it’s just to talk or maybe even cry,
I’ll tell you the truth and promise not to lie,

So come on and give that smile,
I haven’t seen you do it now for such a while.

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