For A Heart I Can'T See

You know,
Maybe once in a lifetime
A tender rose will befall you
Petals of splendor
Someone to adore you

You'll know,
From down deep inside
An all knowing peace
Quiet and still
The greater of these

You'll feel,
As it's hard to breathe
Your body will ache
Longing yearning
For the hearts sake

You'll wish,
Time would stand still
Never let this moment go
Cherish but now
All the emotions you feel

To often,
Not given a chance
To embrace all that lumes
Yet we know
It's fire that consumes

Burnig rage,
Envelopes us whole
Embers that burn
Melting all doubts
That passion fills our soul

I hope,
Of all that can be
You'll never know this feeling
I feel inside
For a heart I can't see

But know,
I can only but see
So deserving you are
Of someone other
Than someone like me

by Lagaya Evans

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