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For A Lost Friend....
AF (3/27/88 / New Brunswick, NJ)

For A Lost Friend....

Once known, now forgotten,
Once friends, now strangers.
Time changes everything.
Makes people different, unrecognizable.
Like there never was a begining to the tale.
Like their history didn't exist.
How it burns in their souls.
So longing to be close again,
To feel each other's presence.
To know each other like the backs of their hands.
But no, now there is silence between them.
They had to change.
That's the way life goes, right?
I wish we could be together again.
Love each other like we once did.
I know that'll never happen.
We're too different now.
The invisible walls between us,
strong as steel.
To knock them down could cause chaos.
Rejection, ridicule, disgrace.
How I wish I were strong,
to knock down those walls,
and see you again.

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